July 23, 2023   |   by oemb1905

family crops those market days strong feeling
black coffee through the expressway on

summers sent for breaks from boy needing
consumerism the internalizing pain drawn

academic handcraft traditions exposure galore
self-direction the adventure encouraged

babysitting time instead of mentored
everything can be constructed discouraged

books and opportunity for the mind
schooling support financial gifts support

emotional lessons from trauma not kind
mostly doing for them stopping care short

sport nights rare moments well witnessed
opting into the pool talents with others

surface ripples of memories lost past
with laughing enabling ineptitude covering

spiraling the center of the shield weaving
drumming ancestors wellness to the sun

forgotten science rigor gone always sheathing
power missed and discipline left undone

fried chicken visits spelling task for joy together
a pairing together in harmony united glee

a misstep forgotten loyalty effort can’t remember
handing off besties spare change flee

roughly health wrong choices in earnest made
amazing baking crock barbecues pickling stock

discipline untaught lesson premier waylaid
up to 50 times a year max and no gem locked

ignoring shunning hurt shame given daily pounce
physical continual threat delivered strong routine

conflation quiet mentality left hurt loved trounced
late night flights lying smiles to strangers serene

superstar mind music hero book smart star
aphorisms for life given by love sincere

pain from mothers generation inherited hard
lessons few expectations infinite not revered

money power there for wants as needed
support for goals dreams aspirations heeded

strings suckers pull for power undesired
minds lost to influence bias misuse mired

compassion improvement taught growth for life
learning forever physical mind united tied

only imposed on others no insight to own rife
macho rants disengaging cowardice lies

political spirit bloomed from passion felt
more than surface usual issues known

consensus demanded ostracize prodigal dealt
cornered badger shadow cave light sown

(more stanzas forthcoming)


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