just an eerie sentimentalist

April 14, 2014   |   by oemb1905
 just an eerie sentimentalist
 a radicalist reactionary of diatribe proportions
 a buggy drawn bitcoin with a dogey dollop
 malicious miser
 nothing but an independent considerer
 a philosophical nihlist anarcho capitalist
 a lover of tradition
 the halo of the known subversive
 and the dogma of the contrarian
 just an eerie sentimentalist
 free liberty social contract dogmatist
 self reflectless bastard noble mythoi
 a happy aristophanic glee
 towards a virulent vivacious village
 just a petty piscreant ... loosing
 canon bibliophile
 black afro latino judezmo adorer
 racial categorizer unknown identifier ... thought
 just an eerie sentimentalist
 another playa con queso raza
 but if you que buck con dis contendre?
 n some day and same holla
 anutha day motha dolla ... heard that?
 hard iconic claxis banging praxis in kind
 a dunno if no its known ...
 get good be wanted then regretted
 if a feel it, forget it, master donate r#$p3cT
 just an eerie sentimalist
 mainstream hippy flash trash
 progressive info junk ... lite mail monger
 a reflective bash mashup
 i RGB gleaning of sheens unsought
 tycho rake of the microcosmic underpinning
 cerrillo judah nasi proper
 k lockstep the fight persistent wit
 drink broadly aether craft muses ... thread
 ... just an eerie sentimentalist …

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