that the blind follow must we

April 15, 2013   |   by oemb1905
 that the blind follow must we
 political enemies try to play “fair,”
 to engage in mutually accepted rules of camaraderie,
 politically share and debate ideas,  
 as if there was a possibility of a true compromise being reached,  
 under the idea that we can reach a settlement,
 believing that there is just another opinion,
 that will sort everything out,
 a landmark piece of legislation bringing sides together,
 under crap united we build,
 and together in democratic nonsense we share,
 with dogma and totalitarianism shining through,
 the benevolent dictator becomes the necessary,
 evil justice guides the us and we and i becomes dark matter,
 insinuating the only result,
 that the meter of hate be joined with forceful structure,
 that the stupid shutup and be led by the blind ass hole,
 that the powerful guide must us

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