just anutha clucka mutha fucka

May 22, 2012   |   by oemb1905
 Just Anutha Clucka Mutha Fucka

 hey this is zioncmnd comin to u live from the
 clucka rappa nucca duck ducca fucka
 trugga bucka succa trucka
 nuc nuck a duck ducka rappa clucka trugga bugga sucka
 jus a trucka with a fucka
 nutha mutha fucka trucka bugga sucka
 u just a ole skool clucka
 just anutha mutha clucka sucka

 wit ya ol skool
 ol skool drool basehead hippy rhymes and yo raps
 your jus a clucka
 rappa nucca
 duck ducca trugga succa succa drugga 
 ducca trucka mutha fucka
 bugga wit yo old skool drool skool fool
 and yo basehead hippy rhyme rap 
 lines glides rides and your strides
 and yo old skool cutlass slide

 sons and the brothers and the sistas
 with yo bag u had
 a scag rag nag tag lag fag
 u just got my cup
 in yo duck duck ducca clucka rappa nucca trugga bucca sucka trucka mutha fucka
 wit yo old skool drool fool
 basehead hippy rhyme stride glide

 u don’t know
 u don’t know

 this is the zion mountain clucka rappa sucka
 clap and rap sucka
 mutha bugga trucka nutha sucka bugga trucka fucka
 show motha luvas sons an brothas sistas at the hella show’em mutha
 mutha fucka clucka rappa nucca succa duck ducca trugga bugga succa   trucka 
 mutha fucka at the show mutha fucka

 where I show’em poems
 I row’em know’em throw’em feed’em rap’em steal’em heal’em feed’em

 show’em wut anutha clucka mutha fucka suck’rd rap duck ducca 
 mutha fucka trugga trucka nugga succa mutha fucka show’em nutha luva

 sons and brothers sistas – that’s right!
 with the po’em 
 where I show’em and 
 I row’em know’em throw’em feed’em reap’em steal’em heal’em feed’em
 dippy skippy rippy sippy tuck nup suck duck cup
 bag scag nag rag tag lag fag 
 hella mutha nutha nada clucka rappa nucca duck duck a trugga
 bugga sucka trucka fucka show’em utha luva
 son brutha ride glide stride 
 with your true skool hippy fool basehead hippy rhyme rap sucka

 you just a ole skool clucka mutha fucka succa

 you don know no fuckin po’ems
 you can’t fuckin sho’em
 row em know em throw em feed em reap em steal em heal em feed em

 skippy dippy rippy sip tuck nut suck ducca lug tag nag fag hag
 wit yo old bag scag hag
 had ya hella mutha nutha nada mutha fucka
 an yo old skool rhymes and yo raps
 with yo ride glide stride
 show yo mutha luva clucka rappa nucca duck ducca mutha fucka trugga

 u jus an ol skool clucka mutha fucka

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