musique non-stop

February 5, 2010   |   by oemb1905
 Musique Non-Stop
 In the leftover music electric that is pop-cultura and foxy rockit transvesting bliss,
 there is a quiet voice of reason that avoids hyperbole and non-sense,
 it calls out the rational music of the mind without foregoing the african beat,
 it hits and hits me as i try to recover.
 i stand up and blast my friend's jive and robot to another chump,
 in the haze of dynamic structure it seems i might finally fall,
 but that night in frisco was my gucci disco, and this bitch plays the computer love
 non-stop like a spring bird looking for some action
 and so the beat, it is fragile and so are the troops
 but the love will dominate the haters trying to oversentimentalize all sounds
 trying to pop-life my funk, attempting to alternateen my indie
 and to corporatize my hip-hop, and cheesify my rap
 keep it dog, keep that shit strong
 Musique Non-Stop 

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