main stream hippy bitch

January 31, 2008   |   by oemb1905
 Main Stream Hippy Bitch

 You’re just a main stream hippy bitch, 
 with your baggy corduroys and wide hips,
 the way you dread ur hair out so big,
 with coffee grinds and egg yolks youuu dig??
 You one a those main stream hippy bitch, 
 right, with your Nalgene sip-py insert,
 and your save -the -whales stick-ers,
 oh I know right, that’s so chill … “dang….”
 aint ya just one of them main stream hippy bitch
 -es, with the ll bean bag and the big beanie,
 u got some nice sunglasses to wear in that XL
 Range Rover, nightmare suburban marauder
 another one of those main stream hippy bitch,
 the kind that has the Hope sticker on their Hybrid,
 with a chain of dead rainbow bears along the rear,
 that’s the closest to protest you have ever been …
 yep .. another main stream hippy bitch
 at the micro brewery, with the nice REI backpack,
 and the mac laptop inside, from the sweat shops, 
 to the nylon, CEO rating with a weed filled mason jar
 hello little main stream hippy bitch, 
 bet you like to get real funky, like to listen to david
 bowie, like to jam to Phish and The Doors …
 jus like the soccer mom, you got a back door man in the lawn
 so … to all the fly main stream hippy bitches
 get your califragisexy going on, have a garage sale on your lawn
 milk some goats and get your wild oats on strong,
 and I’ll see ya at the next reading for some hits from da bong

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