January 17, 1996   |   by oemb1905
 to the haven of knowing
 and the home of know – nothings
 daily drugs and bellowing lungs
 filling the skies with scents  
 of nothingness
 and happy kickin it.
 i travel through words  
 of dead lives and
 enlighten mental process
 with themes from the past.
 it’s a new train, a new way
 chuggin forward into
 the haven of knowing
 wispy winds scattering through
 the brain keeping aliv
 the pulsing thoughts
 more flow more substance
 to thin my blood with
 an concentrate my brain.
 themes less come – down
 lonely wandering and street time
 blues make tears for men
 drugs and wealth create
 the theme and point out the  
 purpose of pleasantness that
 permeates a mind, an then . . .
 i lose my self a n d i name my brain.
 hello sam, i know you
 how those thoughts make
 something i’m not an
 want to let fall away so i  
 arrive this way to find you
 make you scatter insensitive
 fuck knowingless thought of anger.

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