notorious slips

February 28, 1994   |   by oemb1905
 Part I
 Scraping of the brackish lips.
 Insults aimed at being swift.
 of salt on untamed tongues.
 touching storm-like prayers of death
 aimed at them to heal,
 but water the roots of hellish foliage.
 Quickly stepping victim taps the
  pavement with souls
 Repeating drums of walking; through
  quiet clean downtown streets.
 Looking for solutions and questions
  that he never could ask.
 left hurt … n
 left injured
 a Soul was torn;  by steel fibers scraped of aging
  doors in winter sun
 against his cold heart, like bad
 He recalls what brought this on.
 Speaker of storm;  thundering insults
 torturing reservoirs until overflow.
 incoherent responses causing sleepish
  drifting in wonderland.
 bring me home and dis’confuse me now.
 Part II
 Solved problems take me quickly to beds of
  nails;  hurting my upper thigh.
 piercing flesh, bone against metal.
 life against confusion.  Wired but
 still and smooth, against my bones.
 tranquil, like sunday sun at Pancake
 On sleep in days during important
 bliss.  well, bliss;  … always important.
 TV Shows recalling in brain-speed quickness
 police-car flashes calling back fear and
 thrill of nightmare layers of muck surrounding
 city, oil stained, streets of grease.
 Slippery Matchbox vehicles lighting the
 field up with everlasting pain and smog.
 buses.   with confused RTD travellers.
 reading for unknown places knowing
 not that they know nothing and go
 nowhere organized.
 by the swift scheduled tinkling of RTD bus
 routes at constant RTD speeds and
 smog trails, all day … all day long.
 deathly stinking economical environmental
  song of fallacy.
 evil of evils that didn’t cause too much
 that’s life before flashing pains of  
 metal.  … and of bone.
 Part III
 feet squeezing into the piercing points until
 the nails fall off in simultaneous militaristic  
 order.  one two three nails off and  
 pain with me.
 Anger with Pain and pain yelled with
 no avail.   taking a bull whip and  
 crack’ tapping Rain in the head  of hurt.
 toss turn  twinkle  tank! Anger overcomes Pain
  and Rage is made.
 Here me now, in this transition state.
 reaching the shore with undulating softness
 and wave-like sun-shine … shinin’ …  beauty.
 Rage, an old man yelling by himself at
 hidden images in the sky’s clouds at night
 I feel Rage (Kaya) and glee (in me).
 bell’s ringing and the day came and went
  back to wait longer for this soul cursed
 more riot than any criminal’s last-minute
  fight against the surping blood drinkers.
 Yeah, life.  Yeah … , life.  To strife and …
  pulsating patience.  my veins beating my
  brain until I can’t wait  any longer.
 Eternity reached by the door closing with
  my submissive requests.  answering obeying
  and seeing my way across the
  chains on my wrists.
 well it is come to end
 and time to be quiet
 responsibility and sterile
 sex for me.
 Know me, though.  know me when
 sanctuary forgets to call,  and know that you can
 gleam in the shadows of my
 rip-tide. That you may bask in the  
 sun of m’ knowledge and swim
 in my dreams of butterfly’ll be with me, to experience my
   glory ad be eternally mine.on my chest against my breast
   forgiving patiently
 waiting for my love
 to elevate you to
 shores of sensualincensed turmoil.
 Loving this possibility and seeing stars
 to prove the day against the skeptical
 soldiers and beats that counter you.
 I love you, whoever you are.   I do.   … I do.
 End my life …  destroy my family
 I will leave
 and end up right at the railroad greenery and  
 shut down in emptiness on broken tracks
 with evening sunshine knowing’ness.

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