the smallest snowflake

February 14, 1988   |   by oemb1905

This is a children’s story I wrote at ten years of age for Mrs. Ross (the elder), in 1988 at LACES.

The littlest snowflake was just so sad, because where ever he went people would talk behind his back. This made him feel sad. The only people who liked him were his parents and his friend.

One day he was walking around and a kid started making fun of him, he ran home crying. When he got home he said “I’m going to do something about this.”

The next day he went to the store and took some enlarging pills, they didn’t work. He felt terrible. So then he left the store and went to a gutter hole. When he got there, there were three big snowflakes that fell through sideways. Only the littlest snowflake could save them. So he jumped in and saved them.

He started to walk away when all of a sudden a big crowd of snowflakes picked him up and brang him into the store. They said they were sorry and gave him tons of food. One thing he didn’t know is the people he saved were the most important people.


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