January 30, 2006 | by oemb1905

smiling beauty

smiling beauty the soft tender lips of shyness that smiled when i saw […]

October 12, 2003 | by oemb1905

monkey and keyboard

Only the lonely will survive the heartaches of the terrorized keyboard of movement […]

July 20, 2003 | by oemb1905

we want it plain

we want it plain Simple and plain it has to make sense. I […]

October 10, 2002 | by oemb1905

interesting math

Interesting math. . . why do you hound so? Do you want poetry […]

August 17, 2002 | by oemb1905

we are placed in between

We are placed in between. Not in front of them, nor behind them, […]

March 10, 2002 | by oemb1905

to the humble

Forever ever after; today all day long. When eternity reigns we forget the […]

September 28, 1996 | by oemb1905

i never think of you until i see you

I never think of you until I see you. Then you piss me […]

August 31, 1996 | by oemb1905

unfinished sense

unfinished sense needs take up our thoughts and nonsense before the sense say […]

April 30, 1996 | by oemb1905

here i go

here I go down, down, down goes as down, down, up climbs, but […]

January 17, 1996 | by oemb1905


knowing to the haven of knowing and the home of know – nothings […]